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This website is an overview of all the (classic) cars that I have owned, the first of which (a 1970 MGB Tourer) was bought in May 1975. I still own two of them: the Volvo Amazon and the Toyota Starlet. Most of these cars were used daily or regularly and I invested lots of money to bring or keep them in a good and reliable condition. Looking back, I think you can say it has been a search for the ideal classic car that of course has not been found.
I enjoyed most of the cars, but that turned out to be a temporary affair in most cases. Every sold car brought a financial loss, also because of expensive garage bills as some repairs could not be carried out by myself. So I guess you may say all of this is NOT a good example of how to practice a classic car hobby. The list of cars is impressive, but I don't consider that as a merit.

On the menu the cars are listed in chronological order of purchase date. Click on a car to read more details and to see the pictures. 

I have always found classic car design and bodywork styling more interesting than technical aspects. To my taste, the most beautiful car designs date from 1935 until 1950 and that's why I have paid some attention to the amazing -and in my view superlative- designs of the Czech coachbuilder Josef Sodomka by means of a separate chapter. 

Gert Vegter, the Netherlands

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